7 Figure Customer-Centric Strategies

by James Murray, on Jan 1, 2014 9:23:00 AM

Throughout the history of American business companies that get ahead have used technology to provide them with a competitive edge. Ford invented the production line.

  • In Seattle a new startup can produce and ship the same quality product for 30% less than the industry standard.  
  • Another Seattle startup uses technology to teach clients how to leverage a 7 to 1 increase in marketing ROI utilizing IT Services described as Seattle Client Opportunity Analysis (SCOA).
  • A third Seattle IT Consulting Company designs technology strategies using SCOM type technologies that reduce productivity loss on the network by $35,000.

 Google sells mouse clicks. Technology not only levels the playing field, but gives small businesses a competitive IT edge against their industry rivals.

Build a better mouse trap… and the world will beat a path to your door.

This is the classic American strategy for getting ahead. Seattle coffee manufacturers have taken coffee roasting to a new place. 20 years ago fresh coffee came from a can that contain ground roasted coffee beans. Everything tasted the same, tended to be oily and bitter from storage and was often a little stale. Yet it was the only coffee available and nobody really noticed. In walks the coffee barista. Who creates the coffee minutes after grinding beans that are custom mixed and custom roasted from a vacuum package that was sealed just as the bean would normally be ready to be ground. So when the vacuum seal is broken, for the bean it was just moments earlier that it was roasted. The definition of fresh coffee changed.

Did customers care?

Why spend a $1.00 for a cup of coffee when they could make it themselves for a nickel? Customers did care and the price of a cup of has tripled. Not only did they get a fresher coffee but the coffee was customized to the customer’s personal taste.

This customization is the key to being successful in the information age.

To be successful in the information age means knowing each customer and their preferences is essential. To track 100, 1,000 or 1,000,000 customers and their preferences requires strong technology. In Seattle, IT Support departments are now focused on databases that remember customer preferences that include everything from sugar preferences to shipping instructions.

Coffee is King

Seattle IT services companies are always looking for a new edge to provide their clients.

  1. What if customers walking in have access to free Wi-Fi?
  2. What if we remember customer coffee preferences when they walk in?
  3. What if we save the customers personal coffee cup at the store?
  4. What if a customer could sit down, order and pay without standing in line?

This type of brainstorming allows IT and customers explore the business advantage that a new technology might hold.

Social networking, SEO, CRM are some of the technologies Seattle coffee shops are discussing to bring in new customers back over and over again.

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