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How to drive customers to buy your products/services online? The obvious answers are SEO, eBay, and Amazon. But does it work?

The business problem is

  1. The internet is a big place with 1000 competitors, what this means is that 99% of good companies are never found by customers.
  2. eBay and Amazon are not much better, all businesses compete to be on the first page. Some Online marketplaces cheat by putting their products at the top over other competitors.
  3. SEO only works for the top 3 in any keyword category. Once ranked as #1 organically, other companies with good SEO experts quickly fight for your top spot. Plus, as you grow you need to dominate more and more keyword rankings.

Unless you understand the search algorithms of online marketplaces and public search engine ranking selling online is expensive, time-consuming, and risky. Unless you can tap into the natural communities that build around niche topics and products like yours.


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Community Connector 

How it works

Online communities are not just single sites but a community of sites. On any topic, there are enthusiastic bloggers, forums, podcasts, and other social media that attract people to that topic. Participating in these communities, (commenting on blogs, and supporting podcasts) attracts community members to your ideas and they look for your site.

Presently we are building, Community sites for

 • Reclaimed Lumber
 • Supplemental Nursing

We are also able to build an automated e-commerce platform that integrates with a storefront inventory, e-commerce platforms, and other online marketplaces.

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Technical experts are known for their expertise, not their network connections. We are network mavens (sharing our expertise and knowledge), but work to build our network as rainmakers (driving opportunities) and connections. We love learning and helping grow the businesses of our friends.

Networking doesn't cost anything. But brings in far more rewards than cold calling.

Even if you aren't our customer, we still may be able to help each other out.

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