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Stepping outside the box

Compete by stepping outside the box

November & December of last year, we started…, “Stepping Outside the Box” with our online solutions that build Exponential Equity Growth, while maintaining linear cost growth. The last few months we’ve started reorganizing with the announcement of our new year’s resolutions.

Our New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Deploy five new standard technology system offerings we’ve developed in 2022.
  2. Upgrade Business Model & Processes to support SaaS and information offerings.
  3. Update this year’s Business plan & Mission to align with the new business model and offerings.

In support of resolution number # 3, we’ve begun updating the story of how will be helping our clients begin, Stepping outside the box.

The Story, Stepping Outside the box

Our clients are mid-market companies who compete by stepping outside the box.

stepping outside the box risk mitigation
Online? Don’t depend on manual labor; automate.

While clever, SEO is much too slow if you need to sell something tomorrow. Instead, our clients use multiple online marketplaces (like eBay, ReCapturit, Big Commerce, etc.). These marketplaces have already attracted “communities of professional wholesale buyers” looking for our client’s inventory. They are like virtual commissioned sales teams selling 24X7 to qualified buyers.

The problem we solve is that with so much demand, across so many marketplaces, there is a risk of selling the same inventory twice.

The ExpLin Bridge, stepping outside the box

Explin bridge is like a virtual forklift for online marketers. Forklifting information across every online market place and triggering business processes
ExpLin Bridge is like a virtual information forklift

If you are familiar with warehouses, think of the ExpLin Bridge as a virtual forklift.

Think This forklift as an automation too.

First, you forklift quickly checks every online marketplace to see if a sale has been made.

Next, when a sale is registered, ExpLin quickly “forklifts” this information to every online marketplace to adjust the client’s list of available inventories for sale.

With an accurate inventory count, risk is reduced. Inventory items will never sold twice to different customers.

As a bonus

In addition, the same information can be “forklifted” to every department.

At the same time the online market places are update the

  • the Forklift can,
  • Trigger the customer billing process
  • Trigger the customer shipping process
  • Update the “Brick and Mortar” storefront available inventory
  • Update the inventory for all corporate warehouses  

The process is just like in a physical warehouse. Forklifts let one staff member do the work of three, in half the time. Virtual forklifts will also be able to triple “Information warehouse” employee productivity as well.

Our Motto: Exponential Equity Growth and Linear Expense Growth

Our motto is building systems with exponential equity growth. Out of the box thinking that causes industry disruption.
Exponential Equity Growth, vs Liner cost growth, the difference is Industry disruption

Our Motto: is to build technical systems that support an organization’s Exponential Equity Growth, while keeping business cost growth, linear. The difference, of course, between exponential income and fixed expenses is industry disruption. This is how online marketers build companies that have “almost overnight” exponential growth.

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