ExpLin Bridge is a technology bridge to make online B2B selling easy

The Bridge solves three online challenges
  1. easy-upload - It can be as easy as taking a picture and seeing it online for sale.
  2.  Multi-site - sell on three sites as quickly as one.
  3.  Auto-update - When inventory sells, the bridge updates every site & store where you sell.

We tailor our solutions for mid-market business growth, making it possible to compete with your largest competitors.


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ExpLin Inventory Bridge

With a Customer Account management tool and service, you will be able to quickly identify your top 20% customers.

 A successful Key Account Management tool
  • By applying the 80/20 analysis, pinpoint that critical 20% of your customers responsible for 80% of your revenue.
  • Increased profitability
  • Customer loyalty

Imagine the potential if you could nurture and grow these high-value accounts strategically.

You and your team will be able to do more, with less

All this is done accurately, updated continuously and in seconds shares the changes with your team. The result is exponential equity growth, while costs remain fixed or linear. The difference between exponential growth and linear cost is disruption. At least disruption for your clients. While they try to catch up, your system reliably keeps tracking more and more sales.

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