Key Account Management

As mid-market businesses we know that only 20% of customers provide 80% of income for your company. Key account management means taking care of these top 20% customers.

The problem is that most mid-market companies are not able to define who the top 20% are. Instead of focusing on the key accounts, they spend resources equally on both the least and most profitable customers.

What this means to you, is that each dollar spent, returns one dollar (1:1) versus four dollars (4:1) when resources are spent exclusively on the top 20%.

Our tool helps you to identify the top 20% of your customers


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ExpLin Key Account Management Tool

With a ExpLin Key Account Management tool and service, you will be able to quickly identify your top 20% customers.

Statistically what this can mean to your business
  •  A 25% increase in new Revenue
  •  A decrease by 80% in sales overhead costs
  •  Improves key account customer loyalty

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