Mid-Market Business: Join our Network

Executive Outliers depend on their networks. So much so, that they will have a private circle that will

  • Make introductions to leaders in the business community, the industry, and even charities.
  • Provide vetted introductions to vendors, technical experts, and equity Investment.
  • Introduce them to unique opportunities.

The problem is when your business outgrows the reach of your private inner circle.


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Mid-Market business introductions

Even when not a customer, we still want to be in your network. In our opinion, Benjamin Franklin was the most important networker. For his network of business friends. Eventually, this led to being a founding father and international ambassador to France. His #1 rule was to help others. Following his example, we want to help you as you grow your business by,

 1. Making targeted introductions to help  get your innovative ideas out to the   business community.
  • Business organizational Speaking events
  • Messaging articles
  • Community and Charity Drives
 2. Meet financial experts who help your organization grow
  • commercial bankers,
  • Private equity firms,
  • Exit planning
  •  Business brokers
 3. Vetted Business services 
  • Accounting,
  • Online Marketing Experts
  • Organizational Management,
  • Operations,
  • Technical Experts
  • Executive consultants and rainmakers

Technical experts are known for their expertise, not their network connections. We are network mavens (sharing our expertise and knowledge) but work to build our network as rainmakers (driving opportunities) and connections. We love learning and helping grow the businesses of our friends.

Networking doesn't cost anything. But brings in far more rewards than cold calling.

Even if you aren't our customer, we still may be able to help each other out.

Contact us for a "network coffee," email us at info@executiveoutliers.com with the subject line, let's network.

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